Fix Orbi Error 404 [Solved]

Fix Orbi 404 error or Orbi site not found getting 404 error Solved

Facing Orbi 404 error while connecting to the WiFi? Encounter Orbi 404 error site not found error on your device. Orbi RBR50 404 Not found error is not that too serious to think about, which can be resolved easily by using simple steps. This guide will help to resolve site not found or Orbi 404 issue.

Orbi 404 Error- Main Reasons Behind The Occurrence

Any problem in your Orbi device occurs due to some technical/physical issue behind that. A orbi error 404 occur mainly due to following reasons:

  • DNS server issue may be one of the main issue
  • Using outdated version of the device can be another issue
  • Internet deformities of the router is also one that can lead to this issue
  • Using outdated firmware version compatible to the device
  • Error in orbi setup process

Orbi Error 404 Found- Troubleshooting Steps

Here are the one of ways one can troubleshoot the issue of orbi 404 error found problem:

Restart Netgear Orbi Router

In most of the cases, problems are solved by just restarting the router. But a catch is that one must know the proper way to do that.

Foremost thing to do is to make sure that you have properly switched OFF the router. Pull out all the cable from the router and wait for some time.

Note: Cables are removed only to make sure that there is no congestion stuck in the router.

After a few minutes plugin all the cable back and switch ON your device. If the issue still exists try other methods too.

Fix not working error

Fix Orbi 404 Error ‘Site Not Found’ By Update Orbi Firmware using

Another reason for encountering Netgear 404 error found is using the outdated version of the firmware which is compatible with your Netgear device. One must update the Netgear’s  Orbi firmware on a regular basis in order to stop getting 404 errors found on Netgear devices. Follow the steps for manually updating the firmware :

  • Download the latest version of the firmware for your Orbi Satellite from Netgear Download Center which is compatible with hardware devices.
  • Click on manual update tab under the firmware option once you login
  • Click on the browse button and upload the file from the location of the download
  • Wait for the process of firmware update to complete. Once completed your device will reboot and the latest version of the firmware is installed successfully

Use VPN for setting up Resolve Orbi 404 error

There are many websites that users are trying to access that are blocked by the internet service provider. This mostly occurs due to regional restrictions. This can be easily resolved by using any VPN program. 

There are many VPN available which can be installed on the device and your issue will be resolved.

Orbi Setup issue for orbi 404 error found

There are many times you will get a 404 error on orbi device due to some glitch in the setup process.

Orbi RBR50 404 Not Found – Check Orbi router setup

A 404 Error on your orbi device can also be related to the orbi setup process. In order to resolve that just check out the below steps for how to setup orbi device for resolving 404 error:

  • Connect your orbi device to the power supply and check LED signals
  • Wait till the light signals get stable
  • Place your router where the coverage is maximum
  • Make the connection for setup and check the light signals for the orbi satellite
  • The LED light signal will shift from white to magenta which shows the router sync process is completed
  • Post this LED will follow the below color pattern format on the basis of their functioning
    • Steady Blue: This shows connection have good strength and bandwidth
    • Steady Magenta: This shows orbi satellite tried to make connections with orbi router but failed, refer guide to fix orbi purple light error.
    • Steady Amber: This shows there is fair connection between the devices

  • Go to or  by using web browsers of your devices
  • Access the login panel by entering the login credentials and follow the setup guide process for orbi device.

Once your setup process is completed your issue will be resolved completely. If you face any kind of problem during the entire process of resolving orbi 404 error found or orbi setup, get in touch with our technical experts they will provide you complete services related to the same.