Fix Orbi Blue Light Error

Getting Orbi blue light error or Orbi Satellite flashing blue LED light? Notice continuous solid blue light on Orbi router device. Orbi blue light can show for a few seconds. In some cases when orbi satellite get stuck on blue light that can create an issue.

Orbi Stuck On Solid Blue Light

Stay connected to this guide to get the solution related to the Orbi blue light error.


Here are some for tested solutions that will resolve the issue of solid orbi blue light issues. The entire process of resolving the solid blue light on orbi satellite includes a couple of minutes.

Fix Orbi Blue Light Error

If Orbi blue light remains for longer durations and didn’t respond to the devices that try the following steps


  • Remove all the connected wires from devices and stay it turned OFF for some time.

  • Now connect all the wires and ON the devices to check the issue is resolved.

  • Verify that wires are connected properly with your orbi device.

  • Replace the wires if there is any fault.

  • Check the firmware version of resolving orbi blue light issue.

Resolve Orbi Router Blue Light Error With Soft Restart The WiFi Device

In most cases all restarting your orbi device can resolve problems. If you solid blue light on orbi device, it stays for a longer time, then follow the below procedure. Just turn OFF your orbi device, leave it OFF for a few minutes and then turn it ON again. The orbi blue light error will be resolved now.

Orbi Satellite Showing Blue LED- Fix with Hard restart Router

If the previous procedure doesn’t resolve the solid blue light on the orbi device, then one needs to restart the entire orbi network. 

  • Turn OFF your modem and orbi router, also remove the power cable from the electric socket.

  • Turn OFF your orbi satellite also.

  • Connect your modem and router back to the power cable and turn it ON.

  • Wait for the devices to boot up and stabilize for at least 2 minutes.

  • Now turn ON orbi satellite and wait till its boot up.


Now your orbi blue light error will be resolved completely.

Orbi Flashing Blue Light Due To Satellite Sync Issue

Orbi flashing blue light indicating the Orbi not connected to satellite or Orbi satellite setup process is not done properly. Refer if Orbi showing purple light or Follow the steps below to fix orbi emitting blue LED.

Fix Orbi Blue Light Error With Sync Orbi Router and Satellite


  • Verify that you have connected the orbi satellite to an active power source.

  • Satellite ring light must turn to white or magenta.

  • Press the sync button on the router and satellite. Note: Can refer guide if cant sync Orbi satellite to router.

  • Wait for the sync process to complete. During the entire process the satellite ring will blink from white, then blue or amber will disappear after 2-3 minutes.

Orbi Showing Blue Light Due To Outdated Or Corrupted Firmware

Orbi satellite showing blue light due to outdated firmware version. In some cases Orbi continuously blinking blue LED, indicating firmware gets corrupted. Orbi emitting blue light or Orbi satellite stuck on blue light due to firmware issue. Resolve Orbi blue light error with upgrade firmware using or login admin panel.

Update Firmware using To Fix Orbi Blue Light Error

Using the outdated version of the firmware can also lead to the orbi blue light issue. It is recommended that one should update the firmware on a regular basis.

  • On any installed web browser of your computer open and get access to the orbi router login page.

  • In the admin panel look for firmware update option under administration option.

  • Now upload the download firmware and begin the upgrade process.

  • Wait for the process to complete. Once the process is completed your router and satellite will restart and your firmware is updated. Refer Orbi firmware update failed guide if can’t upgrade Orbi router firmware to its new version.

Make sure the firmware update process must be done using LAN cable.


All the above methods can solve the blue satellite light always on error easily. If there is any problem while trying the above mentioned methods. Get in touch with login or setup experts and explain the complete issue. They will provide you complete information and solutions related to the same.