Fix Orbi Router Firmware Update Failed

Fix Orbi Router Firmware Update Process Failed

Orbi firmware update failed? Or can’t upgrade orbi router firmware latest version or automatic orbi firmware update not working on admin panel? When upgrading orbi firmware, does the update take too long to complete?

Orbi firmware gets stuck or takes too long to complete?​

Trying to update the orbi router firmware but failed. Error occurred while updating the orbi router firmware process on a window or MAC device. Orbi firmware fails  or gets corrupted while accessing or admin panel. 

This guide will help you to provide all the tested solutions for fixing the orbi router firmware update process.



Orbi Firmware Update Failed- Solved

In most cases the orbi firmware update process failed because of interruption in internet connection. Below are the instructions for troubleshooting the orbi firmware update not working.

Automatic Orbi Firmware Update Check Error​

Firmware update of orbi router resolves all the issues like can’t login, not working, wrong password or forgot password. The process of firmware upgradation can be done via mobile app or using web address i.e.

Can't Update Orbi Router Firmware Manually via​

  • Visit the official website and download the version of the orbi devices that is compatible with the hardware configurations.
  • For this search the orbi device model name and download the firmware to the desired location of the computer/laptop.
  • Connect your computer/laptop to the orbi network and open in the address bar of your web browser.
  • Enter the orbi username and password for accessing the orbi login page.
  • In the login panel look for administration and click for firmware update option.
  • Select router and satellite and click on update firmware.
  • Browse the downloaded from the location and click on the update button.
  • Wait for the process to get completed, your device will ask to restart and your firmware is updated.

By using the manual method to update the orbi firmware can fix the problem of orbi firmware update failure or if one gets an error while performing an orbi firmware update process.

Orbi Firmware Update with app if manual method fails​

There are some instances that while doing orbi firmware update manually it gets failed or orbi firmware update not working or orbi firmware gets stuck in the middle or orbi firmware update process stopped.

Orbi Firmware Update Gets Corrupted​

If this happens one can try updating the orbi firmware update process using the orbi app on mobile devices. For this follow the given set of instructions to update the orbi firmware using the mobile app.

  • Connect your mobile device to the orbi wifi network.
  • Download the latest version of orbi app on your phone from playstore.

  • Once installed, launch the Orbi app on your mobile phone and login the app using credentials.

  • Look for Setting > Router Settings in the menu icon of the dashboard.

  • Scroll down and tab on updates option. If you see the update firmware button, then tap on the button to begin the upgrade process.

  • Follow the instructions to begin the process.

  • The process will take some to download and upgrade.

  • Once the process is completed check that you successfully installed the latest version of the orbi firmware.

Fix Orbi Firmware Update failed Error​

If you have encountered the issues like orbi firmware not working or orbi firmware update got stuck even after trying all the above method, then you can perform the following troubleshooting steps

Restart your all Devices if cant upgrade orbi firmware​

Most of the problems related to the firmware update process can be resolved by restarting all the devices. For this turn OFF the orbi device and connected devices to the orbi network. Also disconnect the power supply and wait for a few seconds. Plugin the power supply and turn ON the orbi router and other connected devices. Now begin the orbi firmware update process. This will definitely solve your issue. If the process takes longer duration and normal and moves ahead to the next steps.

Check your Internet Connections before updating Orbilogin firmware​

If your firmware update process takes longer than the normal, this might be due to slow or no internet service. For this make sure your internet connectivity is working properly. If the internet is working fine try to update the orbi firmware update failed or orbi router firmware upgrade goes wrong process using ethernet cable instead of WiFi signal.

Reset Orbi router to update Orbi firmware​

Orbi Firmware update error can be resolved quickly by resetting your device. Referred to the orbi router factory reset. Reset your orbi device to default settings by using the RESET button. 

Once the reset process is successfully completed go to and update your orbi firmware now.

By trying all the mentioned steps one can easily fix the orbi firmware update failed. If you are facing any error while trying any kind of procedure, get in touch with orbi tech experts, they will provide you with the best solution for all your query.