Fix Orbi yellow light error

Fix Orbi Yellow Light Error OR Orbi Yellow Dot Issue

Getting Orbi yellow light error? Or Orbi router flashing yellow dot? If yes, Then there is an issue with the Orbi WiFi router, if observing Orbi yellow light. A yellow light on the Orbi router indicates that it is not receiving proper signals.

Orbi yellow light or fix orbi Yellow Dot error. Reasons and Way to recover Orbi blinking yellow dot

Orbi Flashing Yellow LED light

To resolve yellow LED blinking on the Orbi router, you need to read this guide. Find out the reasons why Orbi yellow dot blinking? And how to fix solid yellow warm LED flashing on Orbi WiFi router. The meaning of Orbi satellite yellow light will be explained in this guide.

Meaning OF Orbi Yellow Dot Light Issue

If you own a Orbi WiFi device, you should be familiar with the behaviour of the LED lights on the Orbi router and satellite. The only way to understand how your Orbi device works is to look at the LED light. 

Brought new Orbi router and satellite and facing Orbi flashing yellow light errors. Read further to know the reason and easy DIY methods to fix Orbi yellow dot error.

Why Orbi Blinking Yellow Dot or Orbi Showing Yellow Light?

Orbi router and Orbi satellite both have a ring LED that indicates what is going on with the device. There are two possible causes for your Orbi satellite flashing yellow light or orbi yellow dot.

You’ll be able to resolve the Orbi router blinking yellow or Orbi yellow dot in minutes after you figure out what’s causing it. The following are the explanations behind Orbi yellow light or orbi yellow dot:


  • The Orbi router is not sending a correct signal to your Orbi satellite.
  • Orbi is running on faulty or outdated firmware.

How To Repair Yellow Light Flashes On Orbi Router?

You can attempt a hard reset on your Orbi router if it won’t stop flashing yellow light. If you’re still seeing a yellow light on your Orbi router or a yellow dot on your satellite, try the steps below to fix it.

Orbi yellow light Error - Reasons

There are two possible causes for your Orbi satellite’s yellow light blinking. Once you figure out what’s causing the Orbi yellow light, you’ll be able to fix it in minutes.

  • Your Orbi satellite is not receiving a proper signal from your Orbi router.
  • Orbi is running on faulty or out-of-date firmware.
Orbi Satellite not Connecting Causes- Orbi Yellow Dot Light Error

Troubleshoot- Orbi Yellow LED Light Error

Continuously seeing beeping yellow dot on Orbi satellite or App. And wondering what are the causes and how to resolve Orbi warm golden LED error. Read further for the steps:

How To Fix An Orbi Flashing Yellow Light Or A Yellow Dot On The Orbi?

Can’t seem to get rid of the Orbi satellite’s yellow blinking light? You don’t have to be concerned about it any longer. The procedures below will assist you in resolving the Orbi pulsing yellow light.

Check Connection To Resolve Yellow Blinking Light

  • Connect your Orbi satellite and Orbi router to electricity and place them near together. Wait until you see a steady white light on the Orbi satellite’s bottom LED. 
  • The Orbi satellite’s LED will pulse white light for a few seconds before becoming stable.

Fix Orbi Yellow Solid LED Error With Syncing Orbi Router To Satellite

  • Your Orbi satellite is now ready to connect to your Orbi router. For around 10 seconds, press the sync button on the rear of the Orbi satellite. 
  • Press the sync button on the Orbi router for 10 seconds again after two minutes.
  • Allow the Orbi router to sync with the Orbi satellite for a few minutes. It could take up to 5 minutes to complete this task.
  • After that, the Orbi satellite’s bottom LED will blink solid blue, indicating that the connection is stable.
  • If your Orbi satellite’s light is solid blue, it signifies the connection is stable. You should bring the gadgets closer together.
  • Know the different reasons of Orbi LED light error and ways to resolve them.

If the light on your Orbi satellite is solid magenta, the connection has failed. You should try the sync procedure again by bringing the devices closer together.

Note: Read guide and follow steps to fix Orbi purple light error.

Orbi Yellow Dot Error- Advance Troubleshoot

Orbi Router Emitting Yellow Light? Steps To Fix Orbi Satellite Yellow Dot

If your Orbi satellite is still flashing yellow or has a yellow dot after the ‘Sync’ process, it’s because it’s too far away from the Orbi router and isn’t receiving sufficient wifi signals. 

In that circumstance, your Orbi satellite won’t be able to provide robust wifi coverage for the bulk of your home.You can solve this by putting the Orbi satellite closer to the Orbi router.

Find other troubleshooting DIY methods that help to recover Orbi yellow light error.

Install Orbi Satellite Firmware To Fix Yellow Light On Orbi

The pulsing yellow light on the Orbi satellite can be rectified by changing the Orbi device’s firmware. You may get the newest firmware for your device by going to the site.

If cant access admin page, or not working. Read guide to resolve Orbi login panel wont opening issue. 

Get rid of Orbi yellow dot error with login

Now go to and download the latest firmware. Because of inadequate and corrupt software, your Orbi router may blink yellow.

Resolve Orbi Yellow Dot Issue By Restart Your Network

Minor difficulties can sometimes be remedied with a simple reboot. You may potentially resolve the yellow light issue on the Orbi router by rebooting the entire network.

Steps to Reboot Orbi: Resolve Orbi Yellow LED

  • For a few minutes, turn off all of your devices.
  • Including your Orbi network, satellite, modem, and PC. 
  • When you turn them on, the Orbi flashing yellow issue will be resolved.

Remove any impediments To Turn Off Orbi yellow Light

  • If the ‘Orbi router flashing yellow’ light issue persists, you should consider eliminating the impediments. 
  • Keep your Orbi router and satellite away from any items that could create interference. 
  • Baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, and other basic devices should be kept away from it.

Reset Orbi To Repair Orbi Satellite Yellow Light

A hard reset will also repair the Orbi satellite flashing yellow light or orbi yellow dot.

Turn Yellow LED On Orbi To Green By Restore Orbi Factory Setting

  • To reset The Orbi device to its default setting. Take pin. Press and hold for some time.  
  • After that, you’ll have to setup your Orbi device once more, with restart the network device.
  • By now, you should have resolved the Orbi yellow light issue if you’ve tried all of these methods.

This was all about how to repair the yellow light on the Orbi router, also known as the orbi yellow dot issue. Try above mentioned steps to recover Orbi yellow dot error. If still blinking yellow LED light on Orbi satellite. You can contact our or expert team to resolve Orbi solid yellow LED light error.